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Look what new has been added to Donna's Leg site

It's the first gallery of this kind presenting just foot close-ups...yes, nothing but feet...in different high heel mules as well as without


How about some more pantyhosed legs and feet? I received these shiny soft beauties from my loyal fan Serhan...thank you again Serhan! I really love the feeling that silky sheer nylon gives to my legs


Some time ago I came across fantastic book by Elmer Batters, the one focused on the art of female legs and feet. I noticed a picture where one of his models was wearing very sexy seamed sandalfoot type pantyhose. I think they must've been Alberts. I knew I had very similar looking pantyhose and I thought "hey, I can re-create this mood". So today I have for you gallery I called Foot Show


I recently realised it had really been a while since I last had classic RHT nylons on my legs. And I know that many of you simply love them. This pair is exceptionally soft and sheer.


Today a lot of things sparkle around me. Take for example the orange wall behind me or my new sheer stockings. Very delicate and sparkling like stars. I bet you'd love to see many close-ups of my... sparkling feet :-)


I haven't been wearing these ultra sheer beauties for a while. I bet you missed this sexy gloss on my legs. Here's a fresh portion of my glossy pantyhosed legs


Some more Fully Fashioned nylons. However this pair so incredibly soft, it almost feels like silk on my legs but it's still nylon. And they give wonderful shine :-)


I've just returned from a job interview...yes, I'm applying for a new part time job as a secretary. As you can see I put on black Fully Fashioned nylons to impress my future boss. Do you think I have a chance for this job?


I received another package full of lovely sheer pantyhose from my loyal for years fan Serhan, you'll see them on my legs very soon and in the meantime admire stockings sooo sheer that hardly noticible on my feet


Today I'll give you even more pantyhosed legs but these are vintage Albert's 100% nylon. Very sexy, seamed and sandalfoot pantyhose. I spent entire day wearing them under my pants so I'm affaraid my feet are a little smelly


Would you like to take a peek underneath my sexy leather mini skirt? Do you like my sheer to the waist soft glossy pantyhose you naughty boy? Then follow me inside...


Today I spent at least five hours walking around the city. It was a very hectic day. I had my 5" spike heels on...sometimes I love to feel soft leather on my feet. Good thing they're so comfortable but after five hours my poor smelly feet needed rubbing anyway


I came for the photo shoot straight from the shopping mall...what a crazy day :-). As you can see I try to look classy and sexy for everyday. Underneath my black leggins I'm wearing 7 den ultra ultra sheer nylons. I simply don't feel them on my legs and they give just a hint of colour.


I particularly like these Fully Fashioned stockings. They have transparent underfoot reinforcements and I think it makes them very sexy :-) Lots of close-ups for you


When it's warm in the Summer I usually wear either the sheerest stockings I can find or fishnet pantyhose. Their colour matches my skin tone so they practically disappear on my smooth shiny legs